What is Dharmaja?

Dharmaja is my energetic healing technique that is incorporated into Dimensional Wisdom. It has been synthesized from my years of training as a Clinical Social Worker, Reiki Master, Qi Gong Healer, Shaman, and Body Worker.

In turn, Dharmaja is Advanced Energetic Healing. My hypothesis is quite simple – if I hold a patron’s head (while consciously generating an energetic field) and let the head spin involuntarily, then a powerful healing can occur!  This new technique has allowed me to access the tools in my tool box, all at once, while providing magnanimous results in just a few minutes.

A full Dharmaja session includes gently holding and working with a patrons head while they are sitting in a chair, then progresses to lying down on a massage table for additional body work. Feel free to come to one of my classes and experience this advanced healing technique, for free!

Dimensional Wisdom is Vibrational Medicine

Our emotional state creates a resonance that has a measurable vibration to it. For example, someone who thinks and therefore resonates with apathy, fear or anger will interact with and perceive the world differently than one who resonates with love, joy or peace. As a result, our reality is created by what and how we think…our vibrational resonance. I can help you raise your vibration.

Grandmaster Experience

Sovereignty is a unique matrix of applied philosophy, psychology, physiology and physical training. Ken Grider has traveled over several continents in search of effective transcendental healing, awareness and energy resources. In turn, Sovereignty is the culmination of many years of research. The resulting book is a learning compendium.  Join the master as he explains in articulate detail the meaning and techniques that are the essence of Dharmaja.